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YouTube Channels I Enjoy

* In the order of my favorite

Divers Ready

We want to make you a better scuba diver! We make videos for divers looking to sharpen their diving skills and share hints and tips I've learned as a Dive Instructor. We also share gear reviews to assist you in making smarter equipment choices, and review dive travel experiences to help you plan your next dive adventure.

Azul Unlimited

Azul Unlimited as a scuba brand was created by Sarah and Aitor in 2016 while they were working in Mexico. Azul’s focus is on training responsible and safe scuba divers through PADI courses and teaching them to be ocean advocates. Now, you can join Azul on YouTube, take a PADI course (for beginners up to Instructor and tech diving) or join one of their excursions around the world for fun diving.

FlowState Divers

Our mission is to eliminate the impracticalities often promoted by commercial scuba agencies. We're dedicated to eradicating unconventional practices like learning to dive on your knees and addressing the lack of valuable educational resources. Instead, we invest our time and effort in creating informative and extensive video content, offering tips and techniques to enhance your scuba diving skills. Join us on this expedition and become part of a community of self-conscious divers!

Scuba Diver Magazine

[Tyler: I basically only watch the #AskMark videos. Mark is down to earth and awesome.]

InnerSpace Explorers

[Tyler: The channel is hit or miss lately, but has excellent how-to and training videos in the back catalog]

This channel was created to establish a platform for all divers who are interessted in finetuning their skills and knowledge and who seek training above the "average". Beside "How to"-Videos and discussing certain topics, I also publish stories and share expeditions here.

Circle H Scuba

Are you interested in Scuba Diving? At Circle H Scuba, we share education and experiences you'll love to plan your next adventure. You'll find videos for new and experienced divers, whether it's gear reviews, travel experiences, information on dive sites, certifications, and more.

DAN South Africa

Welcome to the DAN Southern Africa YouTube channel. We upload weekly videos every Wednesday.

This channel is for people who enjoy scuba diving, technical diving, freediving & rebreather diving. We offer dive safety reviews, diving equipment reviews and provide sound diving advice.