The Dive Otter

Finding Peace Underwater

Scuba diving offers as many motivations as there are divers. For me, it’s a chance to escape the daily grind and immerse myself in a realm of tranquility. Underwater, I find peace and silence for an hour, sometimes more. Scuba diving is a lifelong pursuit, with endless opportunities for learning and discovery. The combination of continuous learning, the breathtaking beauty of the underwater world, and the solitude of just you and the bubbles is truly intoxicating.

This portal is designed to help new divers embark on their own scuba adventures. Think of it as a starting point. My hope is that you’ll find valuable information here, and if not, that it will direct you to other resources where you can learn and appreciate the underwater world.

I am not a scuba instructor or a seller of diving gear. I have no vested interest in promoting any particular shop, instructor, product, location, or dive operator. None of the links on this site generate income for me, and I receive no kickbacks. My opinions are solely my own.

Experienced divers might disagree with my views, and that’s perfectly fine. I aim to explain things clearly enough for you to understand my perspective. True understanding comes when you can explain a topic to others, and these pages are my way of testing my own knowledge. If you think I’ve made a factual error, please let me know. I welcome corrections as part of the learning process.

Dive Safe,