The Dive Otter

Three Oaks Scuba Zone

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Things to Know

Diving Activities

How to Check-In

Step 1: Pay for parking when you arrive at gate ($5/day)
Step 2: Stay to the left as you enter the parking area and go all the way around to the boat launch area
Step 3: Walk down to boat launch and go around to the other side of the building and go up to the window and tell them you are here for scuba diving
Step 4: Show your Open Water card, sign the liability waiver, pay $20 for all day. (Their website says you have to hand over your card, but I've never had anyone actually ask to keep it)
Step 5: Unload in parking lot and setup on the park benches. Some people drive down to the park benches, which is not technically allowed.
Step 6: Have fun
Step 7: Before you leave, go to the Boat Launch window and tell them you are out of the water.

Dive Map as of Oct 2023

  • - The buoys, boats and other attractions have been known to move so the map is for general reference only
  • - Maximum practical depth of 40ft
  • - There are 3 permanent platforms, all are roughly 10x10ft, 25ft deep and 100ft apart
  • - Platform 1 is a leisurely swim of about 100ft from the waters edge and has a buoy on it for help descending
  • - There is a basic buoyancy course, some culverts for short swim through and two small row boats for attraction
  • - As of Winter 2023, it is possible to start at Platform 1 and do a full circuit using lines. A full circuit is roughly 800ft of travel and will take roughly 20min / half a tank of air.
  • - Though deco is not generally needed given the maximum depth, many divers practice their "safety stop" at Platform 1 using the buoy downline before exiting North / "up slope" to the gravel beach