The Dive Otter

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My first dive 25 years ago. We signed some paperwork, sat in the surf for 15min with the instructor and then off we went. Looking back...probably not a great idea.

25 years later I became an Open Water diver in Key Largo, Florida

My backyard pool and my first set of gear ready to be measured for buoyancy.

I spent my first summer of diving at Three Oaks Recreational Area in Crystal Lake, IL getting more comfortable and learning new skills.

I completed my 50th dive in Cozumel with Dressel Divers out of the Iberostar with the awesome guide Marta. I was shortly after awarded the Master Diver level with SSI. However, I still don't think I know more than about 1% there is to know about scuba diving!!

Realizing I wanted to dive the wrecks in Lake Michigan and this hobby wasn't going to stop anytime soon...I went ahead and invested in a "buy once / cry once" Dry Suit system from Santi and 4th Element, with the awesome help of Chris at Dive Right In Scuba.

A week later I did my Dry Suit certification with Richard Tessell (@nosmosisprod)

Yeah, that's Richard Tessell (@nosmosisprod) again...Wreck certification and first two wreck dives on Lake Michigan. The Material Services Barge and the Tacoma.