The Dive Otter

Tips & Tricks I've Learned

I made a bunch of mistakes or ineffective attempts to do things during my first 50 dives because I had nobody to whom to ask random questions. When I saw someone else do something amazing or I stumbled across a way that works for me...I'll put it here so maybe you can use it.

YouTube Channels

Some are good. Some suck. Some have come and gone. This list will get you started and are reliable enough and well filmed enough to be enjoyable and educational.

Getting Into a Wetsuit

There has got to be a better way then yanking and pulling and fighting the fabric.

Upside Down 1st Stage

Wait...I can do that? You sure can...and it can save the back of your head!

Shore Entry

I only have two do I carry all this stuff?!

Boat Diving in Florida and Mexico

Think compact. Think small. Think efficient.

Boat Diving on Lake Michigan

Think gear. Think cold. Think depth.