The Dive Otter

Pearl Lake

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Things to Know

Diving Activities

How to Check-In

Step 1: Exit onto Dearborn Ave...which is a frontage road and non-obvious if you are not from the area
Step 2: Turn at the sign. looks like you are entering a camp ground or residential area
Step 3: Keep heading west, no turns, until you get to the parking area and club house
Step 4: Show your Open Water card, sign the liability waiver, pay $30 for all day. They will assign you a dive location or if you are early enough you can pick.
Step 5: Drive east out of the parking lot and take the first left, continue around until you get to your assigned dive location
Step 6: Have fun

Dive Map

  • - They do have paper maps when you checkin

  • - The key thing to note is that what you can dive is generally dependant on what location you are assigned. So most people want to be on the east side of the lake, preferably the east or north east.
  • - The west side is generally meh, except for the small plane at spot (8)
  • - The various attractions are NOT well marked so a hunting you will go