The Dive Otter

About The Dive Otter

I’m not an instructor, a scuba diving expert, or a seller of anything related to scuba diving. I’m just an ordinary person who enjoys recreational dives. I have no vested interest in promoting any specific shop, instructor, product, location, or dive operator. None of the links on this website earn me money, and I receive no kickbacks. My opinions are purely my own, and I can’t guarantee they’re always correct. I’m constantly learning new things about scuba diving, and I hope you are too!

Relevant Particulars:

Name: Tyler Allison
Profession: Technology Risk Management
eMail: [email protected]
Instagram: @thediveotter
Age: 50'ish
Height/Weight: 6'-2" / 215lb
Born/Raised: Southern California
Prior Water Experience: Water Polo Player (4 years)
First Dive: 1998 ("resort" dive in Hawaii)
Coldest Water (Wet): 54F - 7mm Bare
Coldest Water (Dry): 48F - Santi \w 4th Element Arctic
Dive Insurance: Yes (DAN)
Highest Dive Certification: Rescue
Dive Level: Master Scuba Diver

Dive Particulars:

Experience: <100 Dives
Personal Depth Limit: 100ft
Home Waters: Three Oaks Recreational Area
OW Certifying Agency: Scuba Schools International (SSI) (#3586326)
Additional Training Agency: Scuba Diving International (SDI)
Additional Training Agency: Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) - Pending
Official Dive Training: A Bunch
Dive Related Training: CPR/AED/O2, The Human Diver - Level 0
Avg SAC: 27 psi/min \w AL80 (~40min @ 40ft)
Avg RMV: 0.70 cuft/min

Skill / Ability Particulars:

Backmount Single: Yes - My Gear
dSMB Use: Novice - My Preferred Method from InnerSpace Explorers (ISE)
Spool / Reel Work: Novice
Navigation: Novice - Awesome Video on the Basics from FlowState Divers
Site Mapping: Novice - Three Oaks Map
Drysuit: Novice
Wreck Diver (Limited Penetration): Novice
Cavern Diver: Someday
Technical Diver: Someday
Sidemount: Someday
Backmount Double: Maybe Someday (my back hurts thinking about it)
CCR/Rebreather: Maybe Someday
Solo Diver: Banned by Wife/Family
Cave Diver: Banned by Wife/Family
Wreck Diver (Full Penetration): Banned by Wife/Family

Why "Dive Otter"? One of my instructors said "'re fast under water...SLOW DOWN!" that...and I don't have a particular reason to dive like photography or exploration...I just like being under water.