The Dive Otter

Advanced Diving Concepts

As a new diver, around my 50th dive, I began to wonder, "What's next?" and "How can I improve as a diver?" This led me to research various concepts to enhance my skills and knowledge. These sections are designed for NOVICE divers who are exploring these topics for the first time. For those who consider themselves experts, I'll provide links to more in-depth resources at the top of each section.

Rec vs Tech

How are they different? What makes them different? Do I have to go "tech" to be a great diver?

Insta-Buddy Check

One of the greatest fears of showing up for a dive without a buddy you know is the "idiot" insta-buddy. In my opinion, the traditional Buddy Check is not effective in this situation, I propose an alternative that accomplishes the same thing and is more likely to actually happen.

Pre Dive Planning

Don't just do a buddy a proper pre-dive plan. But how do I do that?

Rock Bottom

The dive briefing said 30 minutes at 80 feet and I'm diving a single standard Aluminum 80...that sounds reasonable....but is it?

Balanced Rig

What is it? But that wasn't what I was taught! Is it a better way? (hint: it is)

Pony Bottles

Is it a stage bottle? A deco bottle? A bailout bottle? How is it rigged? Why would I want one? Is it part of my gas plan? Ooh awesome....can I dive longer with one?