The Dive Otter

My Dive Gear - Misc

AL40 Pony Bottle

  • - For Lake Michigan dives over ~40ft
  • - 38.8cft volume / 3000 psi nominal
  • ~1lb negative buoyancy when full
  • ~1lb positive buoyancy when "empty"
General Opinion: Haven't dove it yet

ScubaPro MK2/R195 (DIN)

  • - Used on my AL40 Pony Bottle
  • - The ubiquitous Pony/Stage/Deco Regulator
  • - Piston First Stage (reliability)
  • - High freeze resistance (free flow protection at depth)
  • - One HP Port (so can't run SPG as well as AI)
  • - Reversible Hose Attachment on 2nd Stage
General Opinion: Haven't dove it yet

DAN Rescue Pak

  • - M9 Cylinder (8.77 cuft : ~20min of delivery)
General Opinion: After doing approximately 30 dives at the local quarry and not seeing anyone with emergency O2 with them, and very sure that the local park district wouldn't have any, I bought my own and pre-position it before every dive.

Spare Spools

  • - 75ft (green)
  • - 100ft (white)
General Opinion: So far used only for dive map mapping. But pre-rigged and ready to go

Dive Reel - Light Monkey (400ft)

  • - 400ft (white)
General Opinion: Works great and easy to use with drysuit gloves

Suunto SK8 Compass

  • - Convertible to wrist strap, bungee or retractable
General Opinion: I've used low quality compasses, wrist mount and several other configurations and the easiest for me to use as a beginner is a retractable compass that I can place in front of myself at virtually any angle. Once I get better at using it, it will get converted to a bungee wrist mount.

OrcaTorch D530 (Spare Flashlight)

  • - 8deg beam
  • - 1300 lumens
General Opinion: I don't generally use this flashlight, but I have it with me in my "Save a Dive Kit" just in case my primary fails before the dive or my buddy forgot theirs or wants to try one.

OrcaTorch Dive Beacon (mini)

  • - Used as a tank flasher in limited visibility
General Opinion: Most of my local quarry dives would be considered "low visibility" or "poor visibility" at best so I can run a tank flasher to make my dive buddy feel better about not losing me if needed.

Princeton Tec - Aqua Strobe

  • - Used as a downline marker in limited visibility
General Opinion: Works great when diving in Lake Michigan

Dive Slate \w Graphite Pencil

  • - Thingiverse model
  • - Printed in PETG 100% fill
  • - Also a cheapo Amazon one as a backup
General Opinion: They work great under water. You need to figure out how to store them so you don't look like a christmas tree and have pieces parts flapping about off your DRings. But I used one on multiple dives when mapping my local quarry.

Highland Deluxe Wet Notes \w Graphite Pencil

General Opinion: Not used it yet

3-1/2 ft dSMB \w Spool

  • - Dual-color Orange/Yellow
  • - Pre-rigged with a 50ft orange spool
  • - Goes with me on EVERY dive
General Opinion: Perfect size for calm water deployment. Not too big and not too small. Have used it as a dive marker, a location marker and for dSMB deployment practice for safety stops.

xDeep dSMB (Orange) - Long (4-1/2 ft)

General Opinion: Only really carried when I want to have a secondary floatation device or a backup to my normal smaller dSMB. This dSMB has features that allows it to be used on the surface as a life ring.

XS Scuba 50lb Lift Bag (Yellow)

General Opinion: Have not used it yet